<strong>boy</strong><br />
	1998<br />
	ink on frosted mylar<br />

ink on frosted mylar



about Butterfly Eyes

The artist is in a continual process of rediscovering her own unique language/mark. For 14 years Denise Carson Wilde practiced the craft of letterpress printing and graphic design . The letterpress process can be very technical, but essentially it employs one of the most primary printmaking techniques, stamping. Wilde worked with a random choice of letterpress "stamps" and drew instinctual and automatic images in relation to these stamps, building a deep, poignant and sometimes disturbing story. Throughout the drawings, thought bubbles and other indicators tell of convoluted communications. Replete with all of the humour, drama, and menace of storytelling images associated with childhood, Wilde explores the complexity of inter-relationships and our contemporary world.


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