This book of poems was inspired by the 1912 silent film Nosferatu.

Edition of 12. 9.5 x 4.5 inches. Bound in wooden coffins, stained and waxed. Engraved title on front in brass. Brass latch on side. Enclosed are three poems Nosferatu 1, 2, & 3 and one etching of skeleton by D.C. Wilde. Paper, paint, plaster, foam core and letterpress. A Title page and Colophon are adhered to inside of coffin covers.
$750.00 usd

The book is a gateway, a means of entering a world that is both personal and archetypal, both graphic and symbolic. There is a visceral relationship which the viewer has with books, a physical engagement that is seldom found in any other artistic medium. I use typography, mixed media and printmaking as a means of embodying and carrying the message of my books. Like intaglio, letterpress typography is pressed into the paper. Once the book is "bound" there is a simultaneous orchestration that takes place, the composition of concept is not only in the rhythm of turning the page but in the voice between the images. These images evoke the darker and yet most sacred aspects of the soul. The invitation to enter one of these books is an invitation to engage with the archetypes of Eros and Thanatos; violent dissolution and spiritual renewal are embodied within these 3-dimensional artifacts of the human experience.  

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