Thanks for the date
I particularly liked the Bat Stew
and the photos of your insects.

It's been one hell of a picnic
you crumb licker

Chasing me around like
a wind weary scare a crow,
Chicken Little was more subtle

Flicking your pelvis and heaving your ribs
arriving, no knock, pulling me
into this gyrating, head swinging dance with you

What's a blessing and what's not?

The trip to the church yard was a sweet touch
but I got mixed messages when you said,
"You can sleep here."

You're a nasty lover Butter Butt

Where's your head/heart at anyways
who can watch t.v. with you racket
you noisy demading drummer of love

go this way... go that way

choose me, choose me

choose me.

© 1993 Denise Carson Wilde


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